Prices below are in EUR and are just slightly different from those in PLN due to rounding numbers. It is possible to send animals to bigger cities in Poland or transport them to major events in EU such as Hamm, Houten, Ostrava and Prag. Sending animals abroad requires more time, since I am not visiting the events myself – each time, I have to ask one of my friends for favor, therefore it is impossible to name a price that would always be the same, since different people have different prices.

Photos of species offered are below the table, each animal slightly differs from others, therefore they might look slightly different than on photos.

(Last update: 04.12.2020)

Own breedings

NameSizeRetailWholesale (10+)
Bombina orientalis albino T+2-3 cm5645
Bombina orientalis green/brown2-3 cm94.50
Theloderma asperum1.5-2.5 cm3023

Animals from other breeders – that I had to rehome

NameSizeRetailWholesale (10+)
Bombina orientalis albino T+2-3 cm56
Bombina orientalis 66% het albino T+, green2-3 cm9
Bombina orientalis adult male het albino T+Adult18

Bombina orientalis

Youngs – green/mint, brown and albino T+
Albino T+ presenting their bellies – yellow with pinkish/reddish/orange-like instead of black

Theloderma asperum

Baby T. asperum belly
Young T. asperum